Our national and international network

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HLB Germany

The perfect fit for the middle class

Our national network HLB Germany (HLBD) was founded in 1974. HLBD currently consists of 21 independent auditing and tax consulting firms at 35 locations with approximately 1,500 employees. This makes the network one of the top 3 national networks of auditors and tax consultants.

The speciality and strength of the German HLB Group lies in the intensive cooperation between the member companies:

  • Personal knowledge and regular exchange between the partners
  • Preparation of current specialist topics in specialist groups
  • Exchange of expert knowledge
  • Joint staff training
  • Advanced training events of the HLB Academy
  • Common IT platforms for the exchange of information
  • Use of common exam software
  • Preparation and implementation of internal and external quality assurance measures

HLB AUGSBURG is engaged in many working groups and specialist groups of HLB. Our clients benefit from these and many other advantages and synergy effects.

We see the HLB network as the “golden mean” between a large auditing group (“Big Four”) and a locally active owner’s office. On the one hand we meet the international needs of our clients, on the other hand we want to maintain our independence, flexibility and autonomy within the framework of a self-determined corporate culture.

HLB International

HLB The Global Advisory And Accounting Network

The need for advice on international tax and legal issues as well as the need for cross-border cooperation in group audits is constantly increasing for medium-sized companies.

This calls for a partner who is well aware of the special requirements of these companies and has the resources to respond to them.

Since 2012, HLB Augsburg has been a member of HLB International, a worldwide network of independent auditing, tax consulting and management consulting firms. The members of the HLB network are specialized in owner-managed companies worldwide. They are all characterized by personal contact and strong commitment. The network comprises over 700 offices in more than 150 countries and around 27,000 partners and employees.